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Quilting From Traditional to Modern

One of the things I love about quilting is it’s rich history.  I’m kind of a history buff.  I love to read historical fiction.  So to have a hobby and business that is connected with the past means a lot to me.  Yet to look at my work, there is a bit of a modern flare.  How does this happen?  I like to draw on the tradition and give it my own personal spin.  Thus calling on my sister quilters from the past using their wisdom and experience.  Allowing themes from traditional to modern quilting to shine in my quilts.

Drawing on the Past

One way I do this is to examine antique quilts.  It is interesting to note how quilters in the past combined color, fabric and design to create their quilts.  Perusing antique quilts on Pinterest is a great way to get a little inspiration for your own quilts.  This grandmother’s garden block inspires me to make do and think outside the box.  Learn more about it’s story in this post.

Another way I draw on tradition is to play with classic, tried and true quilt blocks and designs.  By twisting and turning blocks, changing up color and fabric placement as well as combining blocks enables me to come up with new and interesting designs.  Majestic mountains is just one of the blocks I’ve done this with.

Modern Conveniences

Modern tool and fabrics have helped to make quilting easier and allowed for quicker construction.  Enabling quilters today to cut more accurately.  Piece efficiently with stronger seams.  And quilt their quilts more quickly even with intricate designs.  I’m so thankful to live in a day of rotary cutters and die cutting machines like the AccuQuilt Go.   I must admit I’m grateful for my sewing machine and I love my long arm.  I admire my great grandmother for her dedication to the art of quilting without these modern conveniences.

I’m thankful that through her quilts I have grown to love and appreciate and love the art from traditional to modern quilting.

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