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Strip Busting Quilt Block Tutorial

You may recall that my strip bin was overflowing recently. To remedy that problem I created Pasta Please. Now available as a pattern. While I was able to put the lid on my strip bin after the quilt was finished. It was still quite full. So I went in search of another strip busting quilt block to thin the herd.

I thought I’d share with you what I came up with. I like the look of a quilt on point. And while the design I choose is not on point if gives the illusion of being so. If you are interested on putting a quilt on point. This tutorial is for you.

If you love strip quilts but your bin is not overflowing. I have a solution for you. Try AccQuilt strip dies. They are some of my favorite. But be careful. While they will help you create a bunch of strips quickly. They are also addictive and fun. I once started cutting for one quilt and ended up with enough for two.

I’ve created a couple of quilts using this strip busting quilt block. It’s fun to play with different background and accent fabrics. As a mother of boys I tend to steer away from traditional creams and whites. Grays tend to be my favorite background. I feel they look great with bright scrappy colors. Try these tips on choosing a background?

Now for the quilt block tutorial.

Still have strips? Try these strip busting tutorials.

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