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The Building Blocks of Quilting

Most quilt blocks are variations of just a few basic building blocks. Knowing how to make these simple units will unlock an numerous quilt blocks. In my upcoming Bits to Beauty class we will explore different ways to make each of these units. Enabling you to find your best method for success. What are these basic units?

First the four patch and nine patch block. These two basic units are the base for many blocks, especially when combined with the other basic units. Learn a quick and easy way to make four patches with this tutorial. It also includes a few variation ideas. The block library in Bits to Beauty will expand on this ideas.

Nine patches build on the four patch by adding more squares. By strip piecing these you can bust through a ton of scraps and end up with a simple, yet beautiful scrap quilt. Once again by combining other building blocks you can unlock numerous blocks. Find many of them in the block library found in Bits to Beauty.

Half square triangles is a basic unit that once you master you’re able to really up your game. It is one of the most versatile quilting units. As evidenced by these twenty half square triangle blocks.

The final building block unit I’d like to share today is the flying geese. Get your cheat sheet to learn how to make multiple flying geese at once. It also includes instructions for making those flying geese in multiple sizes.

Join me at 10 AM today on my YouTube channel for Chat with Em. Learn what’s new. What’s coming up. Bring your questions. I’m happy to answer them.

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  • bernywoove says:

    Quilting on marked lines this way is perfect for beginning quilters because you can focus your attention on moving the block and matching that movement with the speed of your machine. The best part about this pattern is it includes both piecing AND quilting designs! The quilting for this sampler quilt been carefully designed using simple shapes like straight lines, spirals, and circles.

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