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The Gift of Quilting with Friends

Jim Rohn, renowned businessman and personal development guru, said you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and that means everyone in your life counts. I like to surround my self with quilters. I find they make me a better person. So in my quest for self improvement I add quilting with friends as a way to be and do better.

Quilters are generous. They share their fabric. Did you run out of a certain fabric? Ask your quilting friends. One is sure to have what you are looking for. They will be happy to share a little with you to enable you to finish your project. Or they will know what it is. Where you mind find it. And be more than happy to help you go shopping.

Quilters also generously share tips and tricks to help you be successful. The reason I know how to do a double wedding ring quilt is because Victoria Findlay Wolf encouraged me to do so. I met her early in my quilting journey. She has been a mentor and friend. You may enjoy this guest post she did for me years ago.

Quilters are friendly. I never worry about finding friends when I go to teach. I know everyone will be welcoming. That before I know it I will have a room full of friends.

I believe the world is a better place because there are quilters in it. Who else is as good at picking up the pieces when life falls apart? Knows how to assemble those pieces into something beautiful. Then share that beauty to give love, hope and courage to those less fortunate.

So if you are wanting to be a better person. I encourage you to enjoy a little time quilting with friends.

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