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Three Important Tools For Creating Quilts

When it comes to creating quilts you should consider these three important tools.  The first tool to consider is color.  Next we have value.  Finally you will want to consider design elements.

Let’s start with color.  Color is visual perceptual property deriving from the spectrum of light.  Depending on how light interacts with an object will determine the color you see.  While there are guidelines for combining color there are no hard fast rules.  Many people use the color wheel when deciding how to combine color.  Some color wheel combinations are; primary colors, secondary colors, and analogues colors.

Next thing to consider is value.  Value is the lightness or the darkness of a given color.  For blue think navy to baby blue and every shade in-between.  By using value you are able to blend or create contrast.  This enables you to create the desired affect in your quilt.  Making certain elements stand out while allowing others to fade and play a more subtle role.  You may enjoy this post on creating contrast to illustrate this point. 

The final tool you will want to consider is design elements.  These include block choices, scale and repetition of various elements.  A fun way to play with this tool is to create an alternate pattern by combining two different blocks.

If you would like more help exploring these tools I’m offering a FREE WORKSHOP!  In the workshop we will explore each of these tools.  I’ll give examples and share tips and tricks you can use to make these tools easier to use.

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