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Tips for Adding Color to your Quilts

Do you struggle picking colors and fabric for your quilts?  Do all the options overwhelm you?  Here are a few tips for adding color to ease your fears and help you be successful.


The first thing to consider is how the quilt will be used.  As a mother of boys I seldom made quilts with a white or cream background.  It just didn’t make sense.  I often choose my background after I choose the rest of my fabrics.  Unless I’m pulling fabrics based on the background.  Like I did in Citrus Spin.  Learn more about choosing background fabrics here.

Another thing to consider is who is it for.  If  you are making a quilt for someone.  And want it to be used and treasured.  Take into consideration their likes.  I love lots of bright happy colors.  My daughter likes a more muted and neutral look.  So I made this simple baby quilt for her and my first grandbaby.

Color Wheel

A simple trick for combining colors and fabrics is to find a print you really love with lots of color in it.  Use it as a cheat sheet for pulling fabrics by choosing fabrics that are in the colors found in the print.  Feel free to go a little lighter or darker.  You don’t need to be real exact.

I also like to choose colors based on the color wheel.  While I never do just a primary color or secondary color quilt.  I do like to combine these basic colors into what I call a crayon box quilt.  Think the basic eight you got in kindergarten, or the larger box of 24.

Another color wheel combo I like is analogous colors.  This means colors that are near each other on the color wheel.  Think cool colors, warm colors or yellow, green and blue, or blue, violet and red. 

Try this video for more ideas.


Do you like lots of color in your quilts?  Then I have a quilt for you.  Meet COLOR MY WORLD.  The next sampler quilt in my sew along membership.   Each week you will receive a new block and instructions for progressing the quilt.  In addition look forward to a scrappy workshops and a supportive community.  Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.



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