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Tips for Choosing Fabric for Your Quilt

Does choosing fabric for your quilt scare you? Are you worried about colors or designs clashing. Use these simple tricks to ensure your success.

One simple trick guaranteed to ensure success is to choose a favorite fabric that has multiple colors. Next visit your stash and scrap bins. Start pulling fabrics that have the colors contained in your print. Don’t be matchy matchy. Go a little darker and lighter. This will give you a great fabric pull. It will be in colors you like and know go well together.

Another option is to stick to color families. Try warm colors, cool colors, primary colors, or secondary colors. You can also go with color themes. How about Christmas, fall or pastels. You can find more information on this method in this post.

When choosing fabric remember to take value into account. Value is the lightness or darkness of a fabric. If all your fabrics are of one value everything will blend together. But if you have a good range of value you can create interest and pop. Simply by putting contrasting values next to each other.

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