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Tips for Staying Organized in Your Sewing Room

It is a constant battle. Trying to manage the creative clutter that happens in a sewing room. In fact I live by the motto, “Creative cutter is better than tidy idleness.” That said. I know it’s easier to create when I can find my scissors, cutting mat, etc. So today I share a few tips to help you with staying organized in your sewing space.

Bins and Storage Devices

First I like to keep the tools I use all the time close at hand. My dad made a sewing unit that is full of shelves and drawers under a cutting surface for me. Just to the left of my sewing machine I keep these tools in organization trays in one of those drawers. I try to put them back in the correct bin when I’m done. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find your scissors or seam ripper when they are needed.

Next my handy dad made a nice base with slits to store my rulers. You can find a similar one on Connecting Threads. I keep it on the shelf under my cutting table. This tool makes it easy for me to find the ruler I need quickly. Allowing me to get busy creating rather than hunting.

Go Vertical

If you don’t have a lot of shelf space you may want to try a peg board. This is a great way to use the vertical space in your sewing room. You can find peg board at your local home improvement center. Use it to hang rulers, scissors and other tools. A great way for staying organized when you don’t have a lot of table space.

Under stairs storage


Get creative with storage. Adding shelves under my stairs allowed me to use that wasted space. By purchasing under the bed storage bins that filled the stair width without my worrying about loosing anything.


I like to use see through container for my fabric. It makes it easy to know what is inside each bin. Another way to do this is to use labels. Nothing fancy is necessary. A piece of paper adhered with packaging tape will suffice. Save yourself time with this little easy work around. Check out my fabric sorting method for more tips.

I like to keep a few big baskets, a laundry basket will work in a pinch. This way I can dump bits or strips into it while sewing. Enabling me to better find what I’m looking for. While keeping everything contained.

I hope these tips help you find ways of staying organized in your sewing room.  Once your organized and ready to create.  I hope you’ll join my in Aunt Em’s Sew Along Adventure, a quilting community set on turning our scraps into amazing quilts.

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