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Turn Messy Bins to Beautiful Quilts w/ these 5 Scrap Quilts

If you’re like me your scrap bins are overflowing. I’m always looking for great ways to keep them from taking over the sewing room. While I manage to thin them enough I can squeeze them down and get the lid on. I never seem to empty them. It’s not really see this as a big problem. I do love to play in my scraps. Plus scrap quilts are my favorite kind of quilt.

Here are a few to help you turn your scraps and stash from mess to bliss. First with it being fall how about this scrappy 16 patch with leaves. Fruition is a great way to find a home for strips as well as scrappy chunks.

Another scrap happy quilt to use up those pretty bits is Shooting Stars. Bright stars with scrappy points shoot star dust in this cute baby/child’s quilt.

Charming is a beginner friendly scrap quilt. There are no seams to match just rows of pretty offset 5″ squares. Get your free pattern. Plus use this quick and easy video tutorial.

Home Run is a great way to use up your scrappy strips. Combining simple nine patches ( I like to make my quick and easy with my Accuquilt Go cutter and this method.) and string blocks.

Finally I’d like to share another free scrap busting pattern. This one also uses strips. I use this method to make those tiny scrappy pieced centers quick and easy. Have fun switching up where your light and dark scraps go to give the stars a whole new look. Get your Scrap Busting Star Pattern and really make your scraps shine.

Ideas for More Scrap Quilts

If you’re still looking for ways to turn your scraps into beautiful quilts. You may like my Jumbo Scrappy Star workshop (watch videos) or Discovering Hidden quilts course. Both are designed to take your scraps and stash and turn them into beautiful scrap quilts.


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