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Turn Your Scraps Into Beautiful Quilts

As I’ve mentioned one of my goals for 2022 is to turn my scraps into beautiful quilts. In addition I’d like to help you do the same. I’ve created a four week workshop to help you do just that. It’s an expansion of my Scrap Busting Star workshop. I offered earlier. I’m calling it Bits to Beauty.

Katy’s Quilt

Block Library

I’ve added a block library. It contains dozens of scrap friendly blocks to fill your Jumbo Scrappy Star Quilt. Want to see what others create based on these lessons? In addition to Katy’s quilt above, check out Helen’s, Susan’s and Marianne’s quilts Not feeling like a star quilt. I’ve got you covered. I’ve added a heart and snowball option.

Scrappy Jumbo Heart


In addition to quilt design options, you will be able to choose what size you would like to create. Go small, 24″ for a large pillow or table topper. Or go bit with a 96″ bed sized quilt. In addition there are baby and throw sizes.

What are people saying about their experience in Bits to Beauty?

Karen B. said, “This is the funnest class! Thanks”.

Giant Snow Globe


Brenda said, “Thank you very much for the Jumbo Scrappy Star workshop.  You did a great job!  You have already given me many ideas for how I can make other Scrappy Stars.  I liked your autumn quilt with fall colours.  I have also drawn up ideas utilizing only star blocks.  I feel that you’ve allowed me to think up ideas on my own”

Patricia said, I really love the content of your videos and the Jumbo Scrappy Star. I really, really love watching you!!  I’m inspired by you and everything you do. Thank you for everything you are doing and contributing to the quilting world.”

Are you ready to turn your scraps into beautiful quilts? Let me help you! Join me in Bits to Beauty. We’ve got beautiful quilts to create!

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