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Use Your Tiniest Scraps to Create Colorful Quilts

Last September my book, Crumb Quilts was released. It focuses on using your tiniest scraps to create colorful quilts. This no waste method is fun and gives you the ability to save money. While enjoying the creative process. I had fun designing and creating the content. Thanks to the wonderful publishers at David and Charles and my sister, Becky Reed the book is visually pleasing and the instructions clear and easy to understand. I could never have done this on my own. For one, my mom thought I would never write my name correctly. So to have written a book is a small miracle. This post tells about how it came to be.

I’m so grateful for how well it has been received. Here is what people have been saying about the book.

“Crumb Quilts is the best for how to instructions and beautiful quilt examples.” – Irene Marie

Over the Rainbow

“Crumb Quilts as a gift. I just love it! I was at loose ends on what to do with small scraps. Now I am sorting with gusto.” =Michelle

“Crumb Quilts is packed with loads of very detailed contend, beautifully photographed quilts and other projects”- Imogene

Blowing in the Wind

“Crumb Quilts has me inspired. I have begun my adventure of learning to crumb quilt.” -Polly

In addition to these great reviews. Plus the many more on Amazon. I came across this lovely review on YouTube. Thank you, Catterbox Quilts

Get your signed copy in my shop. Or enter for a chance to win one. (U.S. only)

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