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Get the Scoop About Crumb Quilts

This fall I released my first book, Crumb Quilts. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response. Thank you everyone for your support. I thought it would be fun today to tell you a little of how this quilt came to be. So here’s the scoop


First I owe a big thanks to Victoria Findley Wolf. She introduced me to this method with her 15 Minutes of Play book. We started our blogs about the same time. In fact back in the day I interviewed her for this post. She got serious and I dabbled. But I’ve always enjoyed her encouragement and mentoring. I have her to thank for my favorite quilt.


Once my kids grew up and left home. I decided to get serious about this quilting thing. The idea to start a YouTube Channel coming into my head. Tried pushing that idea out of my head. After all I’m not exactly tech savvy nor do I really care to be in front of a camera. But that idea would not go away. My belief is that when that happens God is speaking to you. So I finally listened. The hardest part was pushing record.

A few videos in another impression came. I had made a video about using your scraps to make fabric. I had made and posted the video. Thought I was done. But the thought kept coming that I needed to change the name. Once again I resisted. After all how much difference can a name make? Apparently a lot. I stated getting thousands of views. I really should learn to listen to those impressions more quickly.


All those thousands of views lead Sarah at David and Charles reaching out to me. She wondered If I would like to do a book around that video. WOW! YES, I WOULD! I had done book proposals before but they were always rejected. Her timing couldn’t have been better. Covid had just started and I was boo hooing about all my teaching engagements being canceled. My poor hubby did not know what to do with me. His assurance that it was not my fault was not lifting my mood. So Sarah’s email was another Godsend.

Because David and Charles are out of the UK and I live in the US process pictures for the book looked to be a problem. Thankfully my sister, Becky is a professional photographer. She did a fabulous job! In reviews her pictures are often mentioned. M. Preston said, “I loved the photos and the quilts in this book!” I was glad it was my sister taking the pictures. Since I had to sit on her feet to get the right angle for the step by step pictures.

I also have Becky to thank for all the social media pictures I used while creating the book. I didn’t want to fall off the facie of the earth while creating the book. So we took tons of pictures of my existing quilts to fill my Instagram and Facebook feed. Anyone notice that for about a year I was showing the same quilts over and over again, just in different settings.


Now that the book is out. I’ve been amazed at the response. Here is what people are saying:

 I received the book I ordered and am so happy with it! Sometimes books are lovely to pursue but this book has me inspired and I have begun my adventure of learning to crumb quilt. Thank you. –Polly

I was looking for new ways to use up those odd fabric scraps that are too cute to just toss.
This book has several great projects and also provides techniques which can be used to create your own designs. _JL

This is one of the very best book’s I’ve purchased recently. I will probably make most of these.
Really love it. Five stars from me.  – Mrs. Harvey

Thank you everyone for your support. I feel so blessed. You can get a signed copy in my shop. Or they are available on Amazon.

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  • Michelle Parkes says:

    Hi Emm
    I was fortunate to receive your book as a gift from a dear quilting friend and I just love it. I was at loose ends on what to do with small scraps. Now I am sorting with gusto. Thank you for a great book with lots of inspiration.
    Cheers. Michelle

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