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Scrappy Trip Around the World Tutorial

A trip around the world quilt is steeped in tradition. It’s a classic. In fact, I have one of these beautiful quilts made by my great grandmother. I thought it would be fun to draw on this connection to the past and create a scrappy trip around the world tutorial.

While someday I would love to make a quilt like my great grandmother’s. Today is not that day. I’m keeping it simple with smaller, jellyroll friendly blocks. You can find a great selection of jellyrolls

Or you can cut your own. I would recommend using an

Don’t have a Go? Bummer! You could use the tips from my post on accurate cutting.

Depending on how you arrange your strips you can have a very scrappy quilt. My favorite kind!

Or one with a more controlled quilt like this trip around the world I helped my friend Cynthia create.

However you choose to create your quilt. I hope you will find my trip around the world quilt tutorial useful.

Make sure to share you quilts with me. You know I’d love to see what you have created. Email me or better yet, share it in my Facebook group.

Looking for more knowledge and inspiration? Check out my other quilting video tutorials.


  • Jay says:

    Emily, I believe your Grandma’s quilt is a Trip variation called Boston Commons. I made one in the 90s from 25 different fabrics. The pattern wound up making TWO queen-size quilts in mirror-image progression. Unfortunately, I don’t have either of them to share with you.

  • Mary says:

    Love this quilt, try to make one at least once a year out of my scraps, use of a 3-1/2 or a 4 inch squares covers my double bed almost to the floor and a Queen about halfway down, is worked from the corners in to the center which makes it hard to repair

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