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Learn How to Make and Use A Yo Yo

Tuesday after basting my quilts I stopped at JoAnn’s to pick up more background fabric for my uneven nine patch. I was unable to find an exact match for one of them. As a scrap quilter that doesn’t bother me too much. It’s close though it reads lighter than the other one. After completing the top I grabbed my yo yo maker and made a bunch of yo yos for the intersections.  Want to learn how to make your own yo yo’s?  Try this tutorial. 

I might need to make one more. Not sure I’m thrilled with the first one in the second row. It’s a little to dark next to the background.

I had so much fun making yo yos I got on Pintrest to spark my creativity. Here are a few of the fun projects I found.

Yo Yo Catapiller
Yo Yo clips
Pretty spring bouquet 
Yo Yo Owl

Check out Pintrest for more fun yo yo ideas.


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