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Don’t Miss This Scrap Quilting Adventure

Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? Only a few days left to enroll in Discover Hidden Quilts. You don’t want to miss this scrap quilting adventure. Thank you for the great response! Are you as excited as I am to dive into our scraps and create beautiful quilts?

You’ve seen the quilts I’ve discovered in my sewing room. I hope you enjoyed creating your own Jumbo Scrappy Star. Just a sneak peek of all the goodness you’ll find in Discovering Hidden quilts. Enrollment for Discovering Hidden Quilts ends Sunday night. The Adventure begins on Monday! Don’t miss out!

Come gain easy access to my over 15 years of scrap quilting design, teaching and creating. Explore the possibilities using the nearly 100 easy to follow videos and downloadable patterns. Enjoy my laid back, no quilt police teaching methods and style. Connect with other scrap busting adventures like yourself. But don’t wait. Like I said, the opportunity to enroll ends Sunday night.

Maybe you’re worried about the money. But consider what you would spend just for the patterns you will receive. Then add in the classes you would have to take to gain all the information you will gain in this one class. Besides those classes are often just a few hours. You have lifetime access to the information in this class. Near real time answers to all the questions you may have. For less than $200 you get all this. Now that’s a bargain!

What are you waiting for? I’m excited to share the joy I find scrap quilting with you. I don’t want you to miss a minute of the fun. Join the adventure today.

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