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Yes! You Can Learn Free Motion Quilting

When it comes to learning free motion quilting you may think it’s too hard. The learning curve is too big. You’ve tried and you were not successful. You don’t want to ruin your quilts learning. All these may seem true. I’m here to tell you with the right guidance you can over come everyone one of these obstacles. Yes! You can learn free motion quilting! Let me tell you how.


First let go of those negative thoughts. They are not serving you. Growing up with a mother who said, “Can’t is a four letter word.” We were not allowed to use it without undesirable results. Therefore we learned a try or die attitude. None of us died, but we sure did learn a lot. While I did no always appreciate my mother’s methods while growing up. I’m grateful for the tenacity it developed in me. So adopt a YES! I CAN ATTITUDE!


Next, make a bunch of practice quilt sandwiches. Don’t expect to be perfect at first. Mistakes are part of learning. In the future you can look back and be so proud of the progress you made. Never making mistakes equals zero growth, zero progression. Instead have fun trying new things. Laugh at the mistakes. Cheer the successes.


In the beginning I was self taught. Thanks to the internet a ton of knowledge available for free. However, my skills really began to take off after a few classes. Teachers have experience. Tricks that make the processes easier. Tools that help things go more smoothly. While YouTube and Google searches may reveal most of these. It comes at a cost. I’d rather spend my time successfully getting results than searching for how to get them.

I’m grateful I’ve found HollyAnn and her FMQ academy. She has skills! She knows how to teach them! Check out the results her students are getting. It’s amazing! Don’t you want to become a FMQ Rockstar? Get a taste of HollyAnn’s teaching style and find out what quilting motif you are with this fun quiz.

After the quiz you’ll have an opportunity to learn your motif. If you like her style make sure to get on the wait list for her FMQ Academy. Then for sure you will learn free motion quilting.

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