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Free Motion Quilting Tips I Learned from the Pros

Before I got my membership to Blueprint, I was mostly a self taught free motion quilter. I’ll be the first to admit I’m cheap. I figured I’m tenacious, hard working and I can figure things out. So why pay for what I can do on my own?

Well, let me tell you I was fooling myself. I have learned so much by watching classes by Christina Cameli and Angela Walters. Little tips and tricks that have helped me improve my FMQ by leaps and bounds.

First of all Christina’s tip of cutting off the thumb and pointer finger parts of my quilting gloves has saved me so much time. I used to have to take them off each time I needed to remove a safety pin. That alone was worth the money I paid for Bluprint. Also her tip of how to fill up the space while doing spirals was so helpful.

Plus her ideas on combining motifs has helped me add more interest to my quilts and expanded my skills. Did you know that she has been doing live videos on Instagram each morning? I’m absolutely loving these! So much information! She is truly amazing!

Angela’s tip of creating a space and filling it in was helpful in dividing and conquering my quilt as I got busy quilting it. I love her laid back style. Her advice that if you make a mistake just repeat it. That way it will look like it was part of the design. Helped me to keep moving forward rather than be stuck when things were not working exactly as I had planned.

Learning from these great women, helped me get my newest quilt/pattern finished and ready for you. I love the texture the quilting added. I’m excited to continue to grow my skills on new quilts. Find my new pattern, Spin Cycle in my shop.

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