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Courage to Try; Improving your Quilting Skills

Most of what I do in my quilts is very simple. The great thing with scrap quilts is the scraps do the heavy lifting, the design can be very simple and still the quilt will look great. But it’s always good to improve ourselves and add new quilting skills to our tool belt.

Simply Charming

So a few years ago, when I was asked to take part in a double wedding ring challenge I was a bin nervous. That seemed a little out of my league. Thankfully Victoria, believed in me. She coaxed me and cheered me on. Telling me to just try it. I could do something as small as a table runner.

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So I nervously agreed. I slowly began the process. Know what I found? My quilting skills improved. It was not nearly as hard as I had convinced myself it was. The more I did it. The more I liked it. Gradually my table runner grew. It grew, and grew, and grew. Until it became a queen size quilt!

In fact it is one of my all time favorite quilts. So grateful for Victoria not letting me give into my fear. Don’t let fear of a technique keep you from improving your quilting skills and discovering your next love.


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