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Staying Motivated in the Sewing Room

With all the crazy going on in the world life can seem overwhelming. This can lead to a loss of desire to sew. Even in the best of times we may lose our mojo. Leading to a reduction of production when it comes to moving our projects forward. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated in the sewing room

My first tip is to gain a little inspiration. Peruse Pinterest. Visit blogs. Browse magazines. There is a wealth of eye candy to get your creative juices flowing.

I find it hard to get motivated when the creative clutter in my sewing room gets out of control. It may not seem like a lot of fun but nothing says come and create like a clean sewing room. So sort those scraps. Put away all the stacks of fabric from previous projects. Organize your rules and cutting supplies.

Finally my favorite way to get motivate is to do a little mindless sewing. I love to pull out my bits bin and just start sewing. Enchanted Forest, Gradation, and Wonky Rose Garden all came about with this method. But if your not into free form piecing try basic blocks like four patches or rail fences.

Sometimes the hardest part of doing anything is just getting started. The hardest part of going to the gym is just getting your shoes on and yourself out the door. The hardest part of fixing dinner is knowing what to make. So if you can just get two pieces of fabric under your presser foot and just start chaining you’ll be surprised how quickly your motivation to sew returns.

I hope these tips help you become motivated in the sewing room. If you have further suggestions please share them in the comments.

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