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How to Make a Space Saving Ironing Station

An ironing board is bulky. It creates a bunch of wasted space. Fix that problem and create a lot of useful storage with an ironing station.

I recently shared my new sewing room. I love everything about it! The awesome cutting and storage tables my dad made. The design wall my boys made years ago and the contractor reinstalled. The cubby storage under the stairs. And because you can never have enough storage in a sewing room my ironing station.

What you will need to create a space saving, ironing station with storage is: A shelving unit. I used a 36″ x 36″ nine cubby shelf. I’ve given a link for Amazon but you can find them at Target, Walmart or Ikea. A solid wood board that will fit your shelving unit. Don’t use pressed wood. It contains glue that will give off fumes when heated. Insul Bright and fabric to cover your board. You will want to use a heavier fabric that will take the wear and tear of use. I used a fun canvas print. Finally a staple gun with staples to attach the Insul Bright and fabric to your board.

Here is my video to give you a visual on how to assemble the ironing station.

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