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How to Make a Twisting Rail Fence Quilt Block

Sometimes it’s fun to take a simple quilt block and give it a twist. I’ve done this with majestic mountain blocks with great results. Today I’m exploring the rail fence quilt block. I’ve explored this block before. My Gradation quilt was a result of that play, as way Picnic in the Park. But today’s play splits the rails. Making one half of the rail a print and the other half of the rail a background. While sewing the split rails at a 45* angle.

Then sewing the rails in sets of two. Then like a traditional rail fence turning the blocks. I had visited this idea before. I even cut one out with my Accuquilt Go. Well, I cut out rectangles and then sewed them at a 45* angle. What I forgot to take into account was the seam allowance. So my blocks didn’t turn out square. A little frustrating. My quilting angels turned the cut pieces into a Quilty Hug. So it wasn’t a total loss. Sadly I can’t find a picture of it. But here is the picture I found that birthed the idea.

I put the idea back on the shelf. But I’ve really wanted to explore this idea. Mostly because I like the alternate pattern this block can make. This time I sketched out a block to figure out the size I needed to cut things. Once I got the kinks worked out. I create a tutorial. Here it is.

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  • Shirley. Carr says:

    Anxious to make twisted rail fence blocks!!!!!!!!

  • Ginger says:

    Hey Emily,

    Could this be made with the chisel shape in the Qube Companions set? I think that one might be in the Angles set? I guess I should check it out myself but it’s just so easy to ask you! lol

  • Marie says:

    I had to play the video 3 times before I was sure, but after she marks, sews, cuts, and irons the 1st two pieces, when she lays them down side by side (and flips one up and indicates where to sew), they are not lined up correctly. The printed pieces need to touch. Take a look and you will see what I mean. I love this block pattern and I intend to make some of these and possibly a quilt. Thank you so much for the idea! And I’m sorry to be critical but it must be correct.

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