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How to Make and Use Bias Tape in Your Quilts

Bias Tape is a great way to add embellishment to your quilt. Use it as a vine. Create a handle for a basket. Write words. Or just make a meandering path. How ever you choose to use bias tape, it can add interest to your quilt.

One of the quilts on my bucket list is a quilt with a scrappy vine with flowers and or leaves. Maybe something like this quilt by Quilted With Grace

I often use it to create a handle for a basket. While I showed rick rack handles on my wonky baskets. You could very easily use bias tape instead. For a scrappy look combine strips of the same width. Join them together like you do binding strips on the diagonal. Because who doesn’t love a scrappy look?

I like to use these handy tools to make my bias tape. They make it so quick and easy. In this week’s tutorial I show you how. I also show how to make it without them. Just in case you need another tool like you need a hole in the head. Heaven knows there are so many tools to buy. But there is only so much room in your sewing area. So if you would find them helpful get yourself a set. If not know you have options. Now for the tutorial.

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