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Wonky Basket Quilt Block Tutorial

This week I’d love to share a quirky basket quilt block tutorial. You know I have a special spot in my heart for wonky, improvisational quilting. So with Easter around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make a bunch of wonky basket blocks. I grabbed my scrap bins. Pulled out my beloved drawer of rick rack. Don’t you just love rick rack? And got busy.

Sew Along Baskets

Baskets are a great addition to any quilt. My current sew along has several different basket blocks in it. To gain access to all the blocks in this sew along plus be enrolled in the next sew along sign up here. In addition to the blocks you will also enjoy a monthly show and tell. Bonus content with more ideas on ways to use the blocks. It’s tons and fun! Plus we would love to have you in our community!

Tips for making your wonky baskets

To make a wonky basket you will need. a rectangle scrap of fabric, some background fabric, and a little rick rack or bias tape. I made little baskets, about 4″ x 5″. You can use the same method for larger baskets. Just use larger scraps.

Adjusting the angle you cut your basket scrap and background pieces will change up the look of your basket. Sharper angles will give you a more cone shaped basket. While more subtle angles will give you more of a trapezoid. Playing with the height and width of your scrap will also change up the look of your basket. Make your basket tall and skinny or short and squat. Or any combination in between.

Wonky Basket tutorial

However you choose to make your baskets have fun! Here’s the wonky quilt block tutorial. I hope you will share your creations with me. I love to see how you take what you learn here and make it your own.

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  • Robin Ebaugh says:

    I love all of your quilts, but I have to admit that your improv wonky blocks and quilts really speak to me. I’m currently working on a story quilt partially inspired by you (and Mary Lou Weidman). Previously always a by-the-book, traditional quilter, I’ve decided that life’s too short and I’m going to make quilts that are fun and not stressful. It’s SO freeing. And the quilt police are not welcome at my house. 😆 Since my quilt has your work as part of the inspiration, I’ll tag you if I ever post it to IG, if that’s okay with you…(TeacherRobinX)

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