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Learn to Make this Easy Quilt Block

The patience quilt block is a simple classic. It is scrap and jelly roll friendly. This block looks great in a quilt all by itself or use it as an alternate block to create movement in your quilt.

Not to be confused with the patience corner quilt block. (I hope to do a post and tutorial on that classic block soon.) The patience quilt block is a variation of a nine patch. I learned this block in the first quilt class I took. Each month the teacher would present a basic block and then give variations of that block. I tried to find a picture of the sampler quilt I made in that class. Sadly I had no luck.

The quilt was on my bed when my boys were little. One of them tried to use it as a cutter quilt. Gotta love toddlers! It was a small cut in one of the blocks. I always meant to applique something over it. Thought it would make a fun story. Kind of like this quilt’s run in with another one of my children. But that never happened. Now I’m not sure where the quilt is.

I used leftover jelly roll strips in my blocks. The plan for this quilt is to use low volume prints for my background and various scraps for the chain portion. I recently posted a picture of one of my low volume quilts on my Instagram account. Several people didn’t know what low volume meant. If you follow the link you can learn more and see several low volume quilts.

If you would like to learn how to make this classic block. Here is a tutorial. Remember to share what you make on the Facebook page.

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