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Quilt Block Tutorial~ Dutchman’s Puzzle

It’s Friday and time for another basic quilt block tutorial. This time let’s learn how to make a Dutchman’s Puzzle. I don’t know if the pretty spinning pinwheel makes me love this block so much. Or if the link I feel to my heritage that this block represents. I just know it’s a favorite.

Single Pinwheel

The Dutchman’s Puzzle block is made up of 8 flying geese units. To make your flying geese use my easy no waste method. I’ve created a cheat sheet to save you the math. It give all the measurements for the most used sizes of flying geese.

Double Pinwheel

Did you know that you can create a double pinwheel by playing with the sky fabric placement. You won’t be able to use the method mentioned above to make your geese though. I tried. The fabric for the mini pinwheel doesn’t always end up in the right spot. Bummer. Not to worry though. You can use this method to make your geese. Also a no waste method. Don’t want to waste any of your precious, pretty fabric.


I used this method to make this fun border on my family reunion quilt. This was a fun quilt to make. It captures the essence of my DeRyke family reunions. I had my children share there favorite part of the reunion. Next I sketched out scenes of them doing that activity. I added a few more scenes to include all of my family at the reunion. I had to include the Dutchman’s puzzle block to represent our Dutch heritage.

Night Winds is a man quilt I designed using the Dutchman’s puzzle block. I love how it creates an alternate pattern. You can find this pattern in my shop.


Are you ready to learn how to make this versatile, movement filled block? Great! Here is my quilt block tutorial for Dutchman’s Puzzle.

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