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Accurate Cutting for Successful Piecing

I once took a class from the talented Kaye England. She said the first step in successful piecing is accurate cutting. So how do we accurately cut our fabric so we can be successful in our piecing?

First off, let’s remember that while we strive for accuracy, quilting is suppose to be fun. Don’t beat yourself up if all your points don’t match up. Know that next time will be better. We are all learning. If we’re not making mistakes we are not stretching ourselves. Enjoy the journey! Here are a few things you can try to help you on your journey.

Ensuring your tools are sharp will go a long way to improve your accuracy. While you may think you are saving money using that dull rotary cutter you may be paying for it in. Sharp tools make accurate cuts. Dull ones, not so much. Improve your piecing success by using sharp tools to cut your fabric.

Taking time to square up your fabric is the next step in ensuring you will have success in piecing your quilt. Say good bye to that naughty little ‘V’ that can happen when you cut a width of fabric strip.

Getting rid of the dog ears that happen when making half square, quarter square and flying geese units. This will enable you to see your edges. Being able to see them goes a long way to make sure everything is lined up correctly.

Want more tips for accurate cutting to ensure successful piecing? Check out my newest YouTube video. Find ergonomically correct scissors and rotary cutters for easy and comfort while cutting at Sewing Machine Plus.

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