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Wonky Maverick Star Tutorial

The wonky star is near and dear to my heart. They just make me happy. I have so many funny memories associated with this little block. So I thought it would be fun to share this addictive little block with a wonky maverick star tutorial.

One great memory was the first time I taught it at a quilt retreat. I had a small window of time before I taught this class and wanted to get something to eat before the class. I had seen a Subway not to far from where I was teaching. Racing there I found it was not open. I knew there was one on the other end of town. I hurried over, ordered and was heading back when I saw flashing lights behind me. Not good!


Pulling over I rolled down my window and reached for my insurance and registration. “Going kind of fast” the officer said. I was hurrying but I didn’t think I was speeding. I let the officer know. “Where you off to?” he asked. I told him I was teaching a quilting class. What class he wanted to know. I thought I would die when I told him, “I’m a Maverick Star” He grinned and fortunately let me go.

My next fun memory came while I was teaching at my local quilt shop. The ladies were having a ball creating their wonky star points when Johnny Barfuss came into the shop. Of course he needed to see what we were up to. As the ladies showed off their stars. He encouraged them to ’embrace the wonk’ Such good advice! Check out more fun wonky quilt patterns like: Wonky Rose Garden, Enchanted Forest, and Yarn Bomb Trees in my shop.

If you enjoy my video tutorial you may also like my wonky star in a star tutorial. Now without further ado me Wonky Maverick Star Tutorial.


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