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10 Pre Cut Layer Cake Quilts to Make

Do you love pre cuts like I do. For someone who doesn’t like cutting pre cuts are a great way to take care of that necessary evil. Not only are pre cuts great for sewing. They make cute decorations. I like to display them on cake stands around my sewing room. I find the Fat Quarter Shop has a nice selection. Just in case you are looking to acquire a few more for your stash.

Most Popular

My most popular layer cake pattern is my Rhythm and Blues. It doesn’t look like you would use layer cake squares. But with my easy trick, layer cake squares create the rhythm in this movement filled quilt.

Dahlia uses the same easy trick to create a totally different looking quilts. Making it look like you did a lot of work without all the effort.

Yarn Bomb Trees uses layer cake squares as a background to fun funky trees. I don’t know what is more fun. Making the trees or teaching others to make them. This is also one of my favorite classes to teach.

Treasures and A Bushel and a Peck can be made using layer cake squares or several charm square packs.


Play Ball is a twist on a four patch. Taking this basic block and giving it a little bounce.

Raised Beds turns layer cake squares into a traditional rail fence block. If you have a great floral layer cake this is the perfect quilt for you.


I have a couple of free tutorials that use layer cakes. First up is the Layer Cake Stacker quilt. This is a quick and easy quilt. Just incase you are looking for a quick quilt. It would make a great picnic, beach or camping quilt.

Last but not least is a pre cut friendly X & + quilts. I’ve made a couple of these. They are a great way to use up any leftover layer cake squares, charm squares or jelly roll pieces.

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