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3 Strategies for Creating Amazing Quilts

Do you ever doubt your ability to combine fabrics? Are you lost when it comes to value and it’s role in your quilt? Or do you struggle with how to create movement and interest in your quilts? These 3 strategies will enable you to confidently move forward and create amazing quilts. Join me 3 STRATEGIES FOR AMAZING QUILTS. We’ll explore color, value and movement.


The first step in creating an amazing quilt is choosing your fabrics. There are a few ways you can go about this. First you could simple choose a fabric line you love. I like to shop at the Fat Quarter Shop. This method is quick and easy. But it costs a little more.

You can also go around a them, say patriotic, pastel, or holiday. Using this method allows you to pull from your stash and supplement with fabrics you find elsewhere. So it’s more cost effective.

Or you can choose a fabric fabric you currently have. One that has many different colors. Then dive into your scraps and stash to and pull fabrics that have those colors. This is the most cost effective method.


The second strategy for creating an amazing quilt is to make sure you have a wide range of value in your color selections. Value is the lightness or darkness of a fabric. If all your fabrics are of the same value everything will blend together. Resulting in a drab quilt. Using value allows you to create contrast and pop. Putting light fabrics next to dark fabrics will give you the most emphasis.


The final strategy is to create movement. Knowing how to move a viewer’s eye around your quilt enables you to create a pleasant viewing experience. My favorite quilt block for creating movement is the pinwheel. Learn my favorite methods here and here.

Dive deeper into these 3 strategies with my LIVE WORKSHOP. We will explore color. Discover how value works and it’s impact on your quilts. Examine different quilt blocks and their ability to create movement in your quilts. Don’t miss this opportunity to build your confidence, have fun, and create amazing quilts.

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