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3 Ways to Learn to Scrap Quilt

Are you looking to learn to scrap quilt?  Scrap quilt s are a fun way to delve into the world of quilting.  They are full of memories.  Allowing the quilter to relive past quilts as scrap fabric is used.  Scrap quilting is also a way to save money.  Drawing on resources you already have.  In addition scrap quilts are a great way to learn about color and value and their role in quilting.  If any of these reasons appeal to you then let me off you three ways I teach scrap quilting.

First, I have a wide range of quilt tutorials on my YouTube channel.  There are tutorials on how to manage your scraps.  I also have tutorials on what quilt blocks are good for using scraps.  As well as, tutorials on other ways to use your scraps. All of these free resources are helpful in learning how to scrap quilt.

In addition to my tutorials.  I like to offer a few virtual courses.  My most popular are my sew along sampler quilts.  These quilts offer video and pdf instruction in many techniques.  They are designed to expand your quilting skills while creating a fun sampler themed quilt.  I offer them as a subscription where you gain access to all of the quilts over time.  Or you can choose one or two individually.

Right now I’m offering a quick workshop, Ladder to Scrap Busting Success.  In this workshop we will take the classic Jacob’s Ladder block and play with various colorways.  Mixing up where fabrics are placed in the block.  Then we’ll let those blocks dance as they twist and turn into 12 different layouts.  Find and fall in love with your favorite design.  Then do it again and again.  Since once you purchase the class.  You will have access to it for a whole year.  To revisit as many times as you like.

Finally I love to travel and visit various guilds and groups.  Sharing with them ways to use their scraps.  I offer classes on crumb quilting, scrap busting with the AccuQuilt Go, as well as any of my scrap quilt patterns.  You and see where and what I’m teaching on my Events page.  Feel free to contact me to schedule your own event. 

So if you are looking to learn to scrap quilt.  Then I hope you’ll use me as a resource.

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