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5 Christmas Quilts to Warm your Home

Quilts are a great way to make your home feel welcoming and cozy. Try these 5 Christmas quilts to warm your home this holiday season.

First is my families Christmas quilt. Everyone gets a chance to sleep under it the week before Christmas. Ensuring our Christmas dreams come true. It is a play on the traditional log cabin quilt. By twisting and turning the blocks a giant Christmas Star is created.

Next up is A Santa on Every Corner. This was part of a quilt block exchange I did years ago. It is so fun to see each of the festive homes my friends created. You may want to consider doing this with your guild or group of friends. I had been wanting to experiment with the Santa block. So this was a fun way to play with making it in different sizes and shapes.

Technically Enchanted Forest is not a Christmas quilt. But the whimsy of it makes me think of Christmas. Amy at Diary of a Quilter has used these trees as a Christmas quilt. I make my trees slightly differently. But you get the same effect. Use the method that works best for you. Then create your own fun Christmas tree quilt.

It took me years but I finally sewed up my quilted Christmas tree skirt last year. I like that it’s reversible. One side is full of dapper snowmen. The other sports Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes.

A few years ago I made a bunch of these Christmas tree pillows to give as gifts. You can find the tutorial to make your own here.

As a bonus you may enjoy making these cute gift bags to wrap up your Christmas gifts.

Do you have Christmas quilts? Which one is your favorite?


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