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5 Small Scrap Friendly Sewing Projects to Make

You may not have a lot of time to sew this busy holiday season. Or you may be looking for a simple sewing project to make as a last minute gift. Either way I’ve got you covered you covered.


How about a personalized journal? I love me a good journal. It’s even better if it has a personalized scrappy cover. I usually stock up on composition notebooks at back to school time. Then when the feeling strikes I’m ready to create fun journal covers. Try my 3 Easy Journal Cover tutorial and whip up a bunch for yourself or those you love.

Hand warmers and ornaments

I saw this heart warming idea on Diary of a Quilter. It’s on my to do list. I want to make them for the young women I get to work with at my church. I may tweak it a little. I’m thinking heart shaped and maybe like these little ornaments. They also are a fun scrap friendly sewing project. I like to use them to decorate wrapped presents. Adding that special touch.

Pot Holder

A quilt as you go potholder is always useful. I like that it also uses up leftover batting scraps along with fabric strips. If you’re anything like me. Your strip bin is always full. No matter how many quilts or other projects you make from it.


Zipper pouch

Zipper pouches are useful and fun. You can make them in a variety of sizes to fit any needy. I’ve made them to hold sewing and art supplies. A few years ago I made mini ones for my daughter and her friends to use as thread wallets.

Tea Towel

Tea towels are cute. You can applique a personalized design on them or you may want to try these Stuck on You tea towels. They tie in place. No more kitchen towel on the floor.

Enjoy your holiday season. Hope you are able to find a little time in your sewing room. Hope these ideas help when you do.

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