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Basket Quilt Blocks to Use Your Scraps

Do you gather? Gather with people to share time and create memories. Gather fabric to create. Maybe you gather patterns, tutorials and ideas. When gathering it’s good to have somewhere to place what we’ve gathered. That made me think of basket quilt blocks. There are so many options. Let’s examine a few.

A basket block can be quite simple. I simple used half square triangles with appliqued ricrac handles in my Grandpa’s Wrench in Grandma’s garden. This quilt has a story. Read about it here. You can also use bias tape for your handle. Buy it premade. Or use this tutorial to create your own.

Building on this simplicity you can add legs to your basket by framing it. Blooms and Baskets has this type of basket along with many more. If you are looking to build your basket making skills you may enjoy making this quilt. Feel free to use my video tutorial to get you started.

Another option is to make the base of your basket scrappy. A few of the baskets in Blooms and Baskets explored this idea. Another great example is this antique quilt I saw at a fiber arts museum in Oregon years ago.

If you’re a free spirit then I suggest wonky baskets. Experiment with size and shape. Here’s a little tutorial to get you started.

Have fun making basket quilt blocks. If you are looking for more fall themed quilt projects. This post is perfect.

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