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How to Quilt to Beat Inflation

The cost of everything seems to be on the rise; food, gas, fabric. Don’t let this keep you from what you love. Use these tips and tricks to beat inflation and still be able to create beautiful quilts.

Use What You Have

First, use what you have. I know I have countless quilts hidden in my stash and scraps. I bet you do to. Don’t miss the opportunity to save while creating by shopping here first. I find it a fun challenge to create a quilt around a scrap bin or stash pull. Feel free to use my free scrap busting video tutorials to find inspiration for your next quilt.

In addition to your fabric stash and scraps don’t forget batting scraps. Larger chunks can be joined together for baby quilts. Smaller pieces can be used for table runners, wall hangings, pot holders and other small projects. I also use them when testing my tension on my long arm. I sandwich them with long wide fabric strips. Load them like a quilt and test away. This saves me frustration from tension problems and allows me to use what I have. Batting scraps are also great for dusting.

Do you feel your scraps and stash need a pick me up. But want to stick to your budget. Try a scrap or fabric exchange with friends. Or stick to the bargain fabric at your local quilt shop. You may also want to check out these tips for acquiring fabric on a budget.

Stick to the Basics

Quilting tools and notions can be expensive. Choosing quality basic tools will enable you to stay within your budget. I’ve obtained all my machines second hand. It may take a little more time and effort but it can save you BIG MONEY. My sewing machines came from garage sales. While I found my long arm on Facebook Market place. All of them had were nearly new. In fact I put more hours on my long arm in the first two months I owned it than were on it previously. If you can’t find nearly new a tune up or small repairs may be all you need to get a great machine inexpensively.

As far as other tools you really only need a good pair of scissors, self healing mat, rotary cutter and 6″x 24″ ruler. Other tools while nice, are just perks.

Gain New Skills

Another way to save is to learn to quilt your own quilts. There is a bit of a learning curve here. I find if you start with smaller projects, table runners, wall hangings and baby quilts. With practice your skills will grow. Choosing smaller quilts takes the added hassle of wrestling the bulk of larger quilts. Once you build your skills the larger quilts will be easier. Jenny Doan has a great tutorial to get your started.

My Stash Busting Design will help you save money by giving you the skills you need to design your own quilts. Learn how to choose fabric for your quilt. Gain access to dozens of block patterns with multiple sizes in the block library. Discover how to combine the blocks into a cohesive design. Doors open soon for this money saving class. Join the wait list so you don’t miss out.

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