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International Quilts Inspire New Modern Quilts

I gain a lot of inspiration for my quilts from many international quilters, both past and present. Seeing how quilters from other cultures interpret the art gets my creative juices flowing. Drawing from the past, incorporating elements from many quilts helps me to create scrappy modern quilts. A few regions I have drawn inspiration are; Australia, Africa, India, and the Middle East.

Indian Quilts

A few years back my local quilt guild had a presentation sharing quilts from South East Asia. The quilts were amazing. I wish I could find photos. This quilt from African Quilts of India reminds me of them. The wonky feel of the blocks. Big stitch quilting adds so much to the texture. All the color just makes me happy! Later I discovered the work of Sujata Shah. I absolutely adore her work. She inspired this quilt I made for my parents guest room. Many of the quilts on my bucket list draw from her quilts.

Inspiration from Australia

A dream of mine is to visit the quilt shop, Material Obsession, in Australia and take a workshop. Kathy’s books were some of the first quilt books I purchased. Mary’s Garden was inspired by her work. Another Australian artist that inspires my work is Jen Kingwell. Meeting her at a quilt show was thrilling. Having her sign my pattern a fan girl moment. Once again my bucket list is sprinkled with ideas from these designers.

African Fabrics

The fabrics from Africa are bold and bright. So you know I’m going to love them. When my friend’s mother asked me to create a quilt for her from fabrics she brought back from her mission in Guana I was thrilled. The quilt I created for her can be found here.

Quilt from Japan

Finally Keiko Goke’s quilt currently on display at The International Quilt Museum inspired this post. Similar to my Wonky Snowball quilt, I like it’s bold colors and use of scale. Will have to remember it for future quilts. Infromation about Accuquilts Trunk Show Series: Quilts Around the World lead me to this exhibit. Looking forward to learning how I can use my Go products to reimagine these quilts.


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