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Tips, Tricks and Inspiration for Dresden Plates

You may recall I like to take a traditional block and play with it. I’ve done it with the majestic mountain block. I’ve also done it with Dresden Plates. I thought it would be fun to share some of my play with you today. I hope you find it useful and gets your creative juices flowing.

If you have not made a Dresden before I have this video tutorial. It shows how to make a pointed Dresden blade. You will also see how to layer them. How to make them fat as well as skinny. So lots of great information.

At the end it shows a Dresden with scalloped edges. I also have a tutorial for that. I’ve used this type of Dresden in my Hello Sunshine and Naughty Garden quilts.

In addition to spiked and scalloped you can make striped blades or quarter blades. Which will give you fans. Fans will open up a whole new world of play. Allowing you to do anything you could do with a drunkards path block.

I hope this gives you a good jumping off place. If you would like more help. I’d love to come and share my knowledge of Dresden Plates with your group. It’s one of my favorite classes to teach. Contact me to schedule a time. I can’t wait to see what you do with Dresden Plates.

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