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12 Man Quilts for Dad

By June 1, 2020patterns

June is the month we set aside to honor those great men in our lives.


I’ve been blessed with some pretty amazing men in my life.


I have a wise and caring dad.

Modern Gems
Stair Step quilt

My hubby puts up with my crazy and loves me because or in spite of it. Not sure which but very thankful he does.

Black and Red Plaid Flannel Quilt

I have three helpful and kind sons.

My brother is funny and handy

Repurposed Shirt Quilt
Shirt Quilt

My paternal grandfather was humble and taught me to love gardening

Night Winds

My maternal grandfather was hard working and generous.

Mountain Retreat

He was also a baker. In his honor I’m making this a baker’s dozen.

Gentlemen’s Agreement


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