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Why Scrappy Makes Me Happy

Scrappy quilts just make me happy. They take leftover, discarded bits and turn them into something beautiful. There is a life lesson in this. Do you ever feel not good enough? That in some way you are lacking? I think this is a common misconception, especially in women. I’m here to tell you those thoughts are not true. You are amazing!

If you’re reading this blog you are most likely a quilter. That alone makes you pretty cool. Quilters are generous. Every year quilters donate their quilts to those in need and give them to those they love. Just think of all the love and comfort you bring into the world. Yep, amazing!

Scrappy mini quilt

You are resourceful. I know this because once again, if your reading this blog you like scrap quilts. Scrap quilters know how to take the bits life gives them and make something beautiful. Back when I was a fairly new quilter. I was given four vintage grandmother’s garden blocks. It was love at first sight. My thought turned to my great grandmother making blocks like these. (Don’t you gain so much inspiration from antique quilts?)

Antique scrappy grandmother’s garden quilt

Among these blocks on stood out. It quickly became my favorite. In the outer ring was a pieced hexie of a different fabric. My bygone sister quilter ran out of the fabric she was using. Instead of giving up, she found a similar fabric. Which by the way she pieced to make it big enough for that 1 1/2″ hexie. She may have felt frustrated by this. May have seen it as an imperfection. But I see it as resourceful, ingenious, and adorable.

Example of scrap quilters resourcefulness

What we see as lacking in ourselves, others love about us. Where we see a hot mess others see effort, and charm under pressure. We are all just making do with what we have. It is the great paradox of life. We are hopelessly flawed and completely lovable.

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  • Julie says:

    I just love that antique Grandmother’s quilt–It so reminds me of my own Grand-mere’s dresses and aprons;))) so charming thank you for sharing Hugs from afar Julierose

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