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Where do you turn for your quilt inspiration? I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite places.

I have a few designers I just adore. Their creations inspire me. Victoria Findlay Wolfe is one of those designers. She has been a mentor and friend for a long time. Many years ago I interviewed her. She is amazing! I recently took a business class. One of the assignments was to seek our a mentor. I chose Victoria. She was so willing to help me and shared tons of useful information. One of my all time favorite quilts is thanks to her.

Another designer who inspires me is Marylou Weidman. This fun family reunion quilt was inspired by her. I made it based on one of her books someone brought to my quilt guild. I have since taken classes from her. They were a blast! I’ve also joined in one of her exchanges. My Who Wants to Play quilt came about through that exchange.

Then there’s the designer Jen Kingwell. My Northwest Plan B was inspired by her. Her use of many blocks, colors and fabrics just makes my heart sing.

Finally there is Christina Cameli. I could spend hours watching her draw up free motion designs. Here classes on Blueprint were amazing. Did you know she has a bunch of videos of her drawing designs on Facebook? My skills have improved greatly thanks to her.

These four designers are a major source of my quilt inspiration. Who inspires you? Watch for more post on where I gain my quilt inspiration.

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