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How to Make May Flowers

Enjoy May flowers year round. Learn how to make these fun funky button flowers. They are so easy! Children can even make them. In fact, they might enjoy making a few for mom this Mother’s day.

To make button flowers you will need; floral wire, beads, and buttons. I used a salt shaker and sand for a container to hold my flowers. You can do the same or find a small vase or other container. I would recommend filling the container with sand, glass pebbles. This just give the container weight so it doesn’t fall over. I’ve included links for all the supplies. These supplies could also be found at your local craft store.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies. Pick out a few buttons and beads. Have fun mixing and matching colors and designs. You may want to arrange them to get an idea of what your finished flower will look like. Next you will want to find the center of the floral wire. Once the center is found you will begin to string the buttons and beads on. Use my video to get a visual idea of this process.

Enjoy making a whole bouquet. Are you looking for more children’s crafts? Now that it’s spring and the sun is shining. Why not try sun dyeing. I’ve done this with young girls at my church to make cute scarves and/or handkerchiefs. Or these cute picture necklaces and magnets.

Now just for fun! What free motion quilting motif are you? Take this quiz and find out. Let us know by posting in the comments.

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