Sawtooth Star Quilt Tutorial

Who doesn’t love a star quilt? They are happy, bright and so fun to make! This week I’m sharing a sawtooth star quilt tutorial. While there are lots of different star quilt patterns. I have to admit this is one of my favorites.

I like to mix up the center of this star. I’ve seen sampler quilts made completely of sawtooth stars where only the center has been changed. I personally have made the centers really scrappy, as in Scrap Busting Star. Get this free pattern when you sign up for my newsletter. In Braveheart I used an hourglass block. My logo taken from one of my best selling patterns, Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, has a pinwheel in the center.

Being a scrap quilter you just know I’m going to have a lot of fun making them scrappy. In addition to the previous mentioned quilts, all of which lend themselves well to scrap busting. Twinkle, a sawtooth star quilt set on point, will help you put a dent in your in scraps. As well as Shooting Stars, a happy star quilt where each point is a different scrap. Does that make you as happy as it does me?

Are you ready for the sawtooth star quilt tutorial? I sure hope so. Make sure your share your creations with me. I find it so much fun to see how you take what I teach and make it your own. Simply email me a pic. Or you can tag me on Instagram @emsscrapbag. Or if you belong to my group Facebook page you can share it there. I know everyone there would love to see it. In this time of social distancing it is fun to share and hear from other quilters. So I hope you will join us! Now enjoy the tutorial.

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