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Scrap Busting Sho Fly Quilt Block How To

While sorting through my orphan blocks I found some cute little half square triangles. They spoke to me. So I decided to do a little scrap busting. I pulled my low volume scrap bin out. As well as my navy bin. After cutting squares to match the size of my half square triangles. I arranged them into nine patches. Wha-la! Sho fly blocks were created.

So much fun to find homes for this set of half square triangles. This isn’t the first time the orphan block bin has been a rewarding play session. Last time I combined most of the half square triangles in the bin to make a bunch of different blocks. That got thrown up on the design wall. And finally became a Plan B quilt.

I’m not sure where these cute guys will end up. They may become another Plan B quilt. Maybe a little play with different ways to make a sho fly block, like I did in my Ho Down quilt. Wherever the adventure takes me. I’m sure it will be fun.

Do you have left over half square triangles in your bins? Are they needing a home. Is there some scrap busting in your future? Then you might want to try these fun blocks. Learn how with my latest tutorial.

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