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Scrappy Bear Paw Block Tutorial

The bear paw block is a great traditional block. You know if I’m making it, it’s got to be scrappy. If your like me you are always in need of a good scrap busting block. The scrappy bear paw block is perfect for this. Are your ready for a scrappy bear paw tutorial? I hope you find it informative and a good jumping off place to create your own quilt.

My Bear Scraps quilt started because my taste in fabric had changed. What’s a girl to do when her fabric takes change from cozy colors to bright happy ones? Make a quilt of course! No sense throwing them out. They were still pretty just not my favorite. First I cut them into usable pieces. Next the play began with making four patches and half square triangles. When all that play was done. This quilt had emerged and my cozy scraps had a home. The border was a perfect home for any leftovers.

It was fun to play with scale while creating the bear paw blocks. This mostly happened because of the size of my scraps. But is a fun way to use the same block and still create variety in your quilts. I have a tutorial featuring stars that plays with scale in the same way.

I like to use strips to create the pieces for my blocks. By using the essential triangle ruler you can cut both the squares and half square triangles from the same strip. The

However you cut out your pieces this is a fun block to make. I hope you will share your scrappy bear paw blocks with me. Email them. Post on Instagram and tag me @emsscrapbag. Or share them on my group Facebook page. Now the much anticipated Scrappy Bear Paw block tutorial.

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