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10 Heart Projects to Sew for Valentines

Valentine’s is around the corner.  It’s time to create a little love.  Here are 10 plus heart projects to get you started.

An all time favorite of mine to create is the wonky heart.  You know I love me a little improv.  And these hearts are a fun way to let your heard down and play.

Next are these crumb heart ornaments.  They are fun to hang on a Valentine tree.  Or I like to give them to someone who’s heart is hurting.  Just a heartfelt gesture to say, “I’m sorry you are hurting.”

The third heart project you might enjoy giving are these warm hearts hand warmers.  Wouldn’t they be great in pretty pinks, reds and violets?  Stock up on Valentine fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop.


The fourth heart project is one I learned from Jacquie years ago.  It combines string blocks with a sew and flip method to create a wonderful string heart.  Find her tutorial here.


I also enjoy making these log cabin style wonky heart.  Get your FREE BLOCK INSTRUCTIONS.  And embrace the wonk today.

For projects six and seven why not a little applique.  A heart appliqued with a decorative stitch makes it a little more romantic I think.  Try traditional applique.  Or spice it up with some reverse applique.  This is my go to method when using crumb fabric.



I’m offering a mini workshop to explore value and it’s impact on your quilts.  The workshop focuses on a 24″ Valentine wall hanging.  Kits are available packed full of a wide range of reds, from deep maroon to light pink.  Or you can use your own fabric.  Sign up today to ensure your kit arrive on time.

The final heart project is a bunch of heart quilts from other designers.  Check out this post to take advantage of all the loving goodness.


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