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5 Free Pre-Cut Patterns

Pre-cuts are pretty just to collect. Pick up a few of your favorites at the Fat Quarter Shop. In addition to being fun to collect, they are also a great way to quickly get to the fun of quilting. While saving time cutting. Today I share 5 have pre-cut patterns with you.

Simply Charming is a beginner friendly charm pack quilt. It is simple enough that I use it to teach children to quilt. There are not seams to match! It is very forgiving and looks great!

Scrappy Trip is a jellyroll quilt. It is a great way to use up leftover jellyroll strips. Sometimes I use my Accuquilt Go 2″ strip die and create my own jellyroll strips. Just to use up scraps.

Next is the EZ Jellyroll Quilt. I think of it as my vanity quilt. Since it makes my name, EM over and over again. It would make a nice gift for anyone with the initial E.

The Stacker Quilt takes a layer cake. Have fun mixing and matching different layer cake squares to create your stacks.

The final free pre-cut pattern I have for you is the x & + quilt. I like this quilt because I tend to end up with parts of layer cakes, jellyrolls and charm squares. This quilt allows me to use them all. By playing with value you can make the X’s and +’s pop or blend. I’ve done both. But I must admit that I prefer 3 Red Hot Kisses. Where I let them blend.

I hope you find these pre-cut patterns helpful. If you make one be sure to share it on my Facebook Page. I enjoy seeing how your make my patterns your own. Plus I’d love to cheer you on.


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