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Scrap Friendly Basket Quilt Block Tutorial

The basket quilt block is a classic. There are many variations. Today I share a basic basket quilt block. It is scrap friendly. Plus an added bonus this method gives you a head start on a second basket. The handle is a great way to use up leftover bias tape or binding. If you don’t have any leftover bits. I have a video tutorial to show you how to create your own.

Use it to create a fun wall hanging or table topper. Grandpa’s wrench in Grandma’s garden has a story. It is inspired by my parents. You can read about it here.

Add it to a sampler quilt. Like I did in Blooms and Baskets. Which by the way is now available as a pattern booklet. Or join my sew along and get free access to it and all past sew along quilts. Once you reach the elite level. Simply by playing along. Receiving a new block each week for six months. When you hit the six month mark you gain access to all the previous sew alongs: Blooms and Baskets as well as September Sun, and Smooth Sailing.

Are you ready to learn how to make a basket quilt block? Great! Here is a little video to show you how.

Interested in making wonky baskets? You may enjoy this tutorial.

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