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Do you scrap quilt?  Would you like to?  Today I share tips and tricks for scrap quilting success.


In order to create a scrap quilt you will need scraps?  Duh!  But sometimes scrap bins can be such a mess.  The prospect of finding that perfect scrappy combination can be overwhelming.  Do you need help taming your scrap bins?  Here is the method that works for me.  Feel free to tweak it to your liking.  Take what works for you.  Bag the rest.  Bonnie Hunter also has a method.  I know many people find it useful as well.   You may even find a combination of the two is what helps you best bust through your scraps.

Color & Value

While many people think getting the right color combination is what makes a great scrap quilt.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  Color gets the credit.  Value does the work.  The truth is a good value scale is far more important than the colors you choose.  Knowing how to blend with like values.  Or create contrast with different values is key to creating a great scrap quilt.  Try Why What’s not There is Important or How to use Contrast in Your quilts for more tips on value.

Scrap Busting

Having a good knowledge on what blocks work well with scraps will also enable you to bust through your scraps and create amazing scrap quilts.  Do you enjoy string quilts?  Then you may enjoy my strip busting guide.  It has 12 FREE strip busting tutorials.  Get yours today.  Or do you prefer to use scrappy chunks and create scrap friendly blocks?  If this is the case.  Then you might enjoy these 5 easy scrap friendly blocks.

Looking for more inspiration to turn your scraps into beautiful quilts.  Try this video.  Or join me in my Sew Along Adventure.  You’ll enjoy workshops on creative ways to use your scraps.  Challenges to keep you diving into those scraps and turning them into beautiful scrap quilts.  Exclusive scrap friendly patterns.  And virtual gatherings with fellow scrap quilters. Get details and join today!

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