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Sharing a Little Quilting Love

Yesterday was my 32 wedding anniversary. So thankful for the wonderful man I married. He puts up with my creative clutter so well. To celebrate I thought I’d do a little post sharing love quilty style.

First up this fun strip heart. I learned this from Jacquie of Tall Grass Prairie Studios back when I first started blogging. My method is a little different than Jacquie’s. I like to use a flying geese ruler. I find I have less waste that way. But I don’t have a tutorial for my method and Jacquie does. So check out her method. If you’ve seen my method for making half square triangles from strips. You could probably figure out my method. I do sew and flip the top like she does.

Like I said my hubby puts up with my mess well. We are a but of a odd pair. You may even say we are a little wonky. I collect fabric. He collects airplanes. A neighbor asked me once how I felt about his collection of airplanes. I told them that the Baileys feel you can never have too many airplanes or too much fabric. In honor of our crazy wonky life I’m sharing my wonky heart tutorial. If you are looking for more ways to make wonky improvisational hearts. You may want to check out my Crazy Love pattern.

Together we have raised four wonderful children. When our boys were teenagers I wondered if we would survive. We had calls from the school, visits from the police and our daughter had our number on speed dial whenever we would go on a date. Thankfully they are all hard working, kind and responsible adults. During the tough times we picked up the pieces. Put them together as best we could. And tried to love them through the mess. So my final does of quilty love are my crumb heart ornaments.

I hope you enjoy this bit of quilty love as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing the love with you.


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