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Wonky Stars and Fabric Wishes

Wonky stars are a favorite of mine.  They are fun to make.  Plus they are so stinking cute.  I’ve made several quilts using them. If’ you’ve not made a wonky star this tutorial will help you out.


I like that these sparkling stars are unique.  The fact that they are scrap friendly is a big bonus.  I usually use crumbs for my star points.

I’ve made several quilts using wonky free formed stars.  This one I made stars and added sashing for a fun child’s quilt.

In Stars and Moon Beams I combined them with Jacob’s ladder blocks.

Sparkle uses two tones of background to give dimension when combined with the stars.

Well, I’ve been playing with wonky stars again.  This time I played with scale.  Having fun make big stars, little stars, and stars within stars.  Then throwing the stars up on my design wall.  Moving them around to find the best layout.  This is my favorite kind of puzzle.  Finally I came up with a combination I loved.  Sewing them together, writing a pattern, having it tested.

Let me introduce you to Wishes.  A cheerful children’s quilt, full of enough stars to make all your wishes come true.  Here it is among the wild flowers.  Where my son and I like to paddle board.



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