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My Five Most Popular Quilting Tutorials

Life has been busy in a good way this past month. We attended the marriage of my son and his new bride in Omaha. Then had a celebration for them here in Utah for friends and family who could not travel to the wedding. Now we are heading off to our family reunion. With all this fun, I’ve had little time to create a new tutorials. Rather than stress and create something on the fly. I thought it best to share my five most popular quilting tutorials.


First up is the quarter log cabin tutorial. Just a variation of the ever versatile and classic log cabin block. My example is set on point. But you can have fun rearranging these blocks in a variety of ways to make several different quilts.


Second is the Majestic Mountain tutorial. Here it is shown in a traditional setting. I have had fun experimenting with this block as well. Dahlia and Rhythm and Blues pattern are variations of this great block.


The third quilt tutorial in today’s line is the Scrappy Trip around the World. It’s a great way to use up leftover jellyroll strips, or any sized strip for that matter. Make this quilt all over scrappy or create X’s and O’s with a uniform chain running through the center of each block.


The fourth quilting tutorial that gets a lot of attention on my site is the pre cut friendly x and + quilt. If you have leftover odds and ends from layer cakes, jellyrolls, or charm square packs. This quilt is the one for you.


The final quilting tutorial in today’s best tutorial line up is my modern crumb quilt tutorial. All of the quilts featured in the picture above use this scrap busting method. If you like this method. Watch for my new book, Crumb Quilts, coming this fall.

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